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CollaborArt Books.
Books Unchained: Breaking Boundaries

This site is under construction. Apologies.

Collaborart Books is a new Publisher for works that will never find their way into genre based shelves, prescriptive word counts, divisions between fiction or non-fiction, literary or popular, poetry or prose. It will publish novellas (that are too short) short stories (that are too long) poetry that is science (or vice versa) novels that are memoirs, (and vice versa).

Mostly the boundaries to be breached are mental ones, the established ideas about literature, about ideas themselves, or defined categories that should not exclude. Not all will be free flow…standards will be met, of design, of clarity, of literary merit.

CollaborArt has severalLogo CAB books awaiting publication and is not considering any submissions at this time…so please do not ask.

It’s first edition is imminent and can be found here, where it (and the author) have more accommodating rooms than are provided on this construction site.


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